Estonia Nation branding concept

Primary economic and societal goals

  • Make Estonia a more attractive, a better place to live, work and visit
  • Encouraging entrepeneurship and attracting business with foreign direct investments to Estonia
  • Enticing governments to adopt Estonian data-driven ecosystem
  • Encourage recommendation (NPS) of Estonia and enhance self-esteem
  • Invite more tourists and increase spending per visit in Estonia
  • Communicate the greatness and culture that have come out of Estonia
  • Interest students to enjoy education facilities in Tallinn and Tartu
  • Generate impactful, consistent and ‘viral’ brand positioning of Estonia
  • Create flexibility to develop tailored strategies for relevant target groups
  • Capitalize on previous investments in branding, while :
  • Aligning all marketing/promotional activities of all stakeholders into one integrated concept.

Be distinctive, memorable and competitive

Real world simulation of est campaign in Life in Estonia magazine.

Estonia as a role model

You are Just Estonishing!

Consistent modern web presence

Redesign of homepage
Redesign of homepage
Redesign of homepage

.est domain name extension

The organization can support the commercialization of the .est domain name extension.

What about the language?

Mobile and social activation

Estonian fans from around the world share their own images based on the word ‘est’ or the abbreviation ‘est’.

Merchandising suggestions

Merchandising ideas. On the left a beanie, in the middle an existing design with added print and on the right the new Olympic dress kit of Estonia fitting the -est concept.
The possibilities in merchandising are endless, playful and enticing:
The e-Residency packaging in line with -est branding.

Outdoor media campaign: be our guest

Be our guest to welcome passengers on the Nordica airplanes.
A warm welcome to your guests at Tallinn Airport.
The right name for your loyalty card: ‘be our guest’.
Be my guest ambassadors for tourism.
Design proposal of Estonia booth for tourism trade fairs like ITB and ITM.

Estonia celebrations

We are the est > EV 100 event in style.
  • Turning tourists into immigrants, contributing to economy
  • Turning students into knowledge workers and top talent
  • Turning e-residents into foreign investors and startups/scale ups.
Redesign of presentation of upcoming Entrepreneurship gala.

Don’t cheer with your hands in your pockets

My resources and inspiration

Be a true brand custodian

A contribution from an Estonian fan and thankful e-Resident abroad.



City marketing | Place branding | Eindhoven | PSV | Writer | Designer | F1 | True ENFP | I care for Estonia |

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Peter Kentie

Peter Kentie


City marketing | Place branding | Eindhoven | PSV | Writer | Designer | F1 | True ENFP | I care for Estonia |